Sabrina Transiskus

Paper, tyvek, liquid adhesive, tape, polyester, cotton and wire, 80 x 80 x 100cm

The artwork can be primarily perceived as visible reflection of an invisible state of mind. A monochrome receptacle of mental fragments and personal conflicts.  A burden to carry, of individual size and shape, different to all of us. Invisible to most of us.

The backpack / bundle metaphorically resonates a pilgrim-like solitude and isolation, an inner lockdown, caused by outer stressors and internal struggles that eventually lead to intractability of conflicts, loneliness, depression and anxiety.
It can also be perceived as a metaphor for the mental state of todays society, carrying a collective burden, visible and experienceable, that confronts mankind with fundamental menacing incalculables such as ongoing pandemics and climate change.

An individual and universal state of mind that asks for personal and global (re-)processing, reflection, prevention and conflict resolution - a vital journey to the core,  in order to redraw and regain inner prospect and personal growth in a protected and healthy environment.

A MILLION THINGS THAT MATTER is trying to raise awareness to this collective dilemma that affects every single human and reminds ourselves of being a part - or more likely - the main reason for this universal headache.